Gift card conditions

In addition to our general terms and conditions of sale, these gift card conditions are applicable. By using a Max Verstappen store gift card you accept and adhere yourself to this.

1. The gift card is only valid in the Max Verstappen store in Swalmen and cannot be used for purchases online at
2. Each gift card is equipped with a unique chip and is provided only once. You need to save the gift card carefully. In case of theft or loss there will be no compensation.
3. Gift cards are only issued at the Max Verstappen store in Swalmen.
4. The gift card can be used multiple times until the total card amount has been reached.
5. Gift cards and/or the residual value on it are not exchangeable for cash.
6. The residual value of the gift card can be used for subsequent purchases and is only visible in the system of the Max Verstappen store in Swalmen.
7. If the total amount of the purchase exceeds the value of the (used) gift card(s), the remaining amount has to be paid via a bank card payment or payment by credit card.
8. It is not allowed to change gift cards (or its functioning), to distort, or otherwise harming to undermine (including hacking).
9. Any (attempt to) fraud or other unauthorized act will be registered and will result in denial of service of the gift card(s).
10. It is not allowed to use the gift card(s) for commercial purposes and/or purposes other than those for which they have been issued.
11. These gift card conditions may change from time to time. We recommend you to turn the gift card conditions before using the gift card.
12. For every purchase you are able to use an undefined amount of gift cards.
13. Do you have any questions and/or comments about using the gift cards, please send an e-mail to The e-mail will be processed as soon as possible.